Yocket strives to enable a healthy communication between the students and their respective counsellors on a regular basis. We have a team of well-equipped counsellors available time to time to resolve your queries and ensure a smooth shortlisting and application process for all students.

In case a counsellor is on a short leave, you will be duly informed in advance and the secondary counsellor will coordinate in the interim time.

However, in any exceptional cases, where your counsellor is unavailable due to any personal emergency or has left the organization, our team plans a swift transition to a newly assigned counsellor, who will duly inform you regarding the change of counsellor, conduct and Intro call with you and pick up the process at the stage where the previous counsellor left. The previous counsellor briefs them about your requirements and credentials and transfers all the relevant files for their reference.

In such situation, we encourage you to kindly cooperate with the new counsellor in the phase of transition. They will ensure that you are provided the best services without any major interruptions or gaps.