Australia and New Zealand primarily follow an academic calendar that includes two main semesters: Semester 1 and Semester 2. These semesters generally align with the Southern Hemisphere's seasons, with Semester 1 starting in February or March (the end of summer) and Semester 2 commencing in July or August (the beginning of winter). 

In the context of these countries' academic calendars, the concept of a "fall intake" as it is understood in some Northern Hemisphere countries is not commonly used. Instead, students typically have the option to begin their studies in either Semester 1 (February/March) or Semester 2 (July/August), which corresponds to the beginning of the academic year and the mid-year intake, respectively. 

While these are the standard intake periods, some universities and institutions in Australia and New Zealand may offer additional intakes throughout the year, such as summer or winter terms and trimester-based programs. These alternative intakes provide greater flexibility for students to start their studies at various times. Students should consult the specific academic calendars and program offerings of the universities  to determine the available intake options and align them with their academic and career goals.