To become eligible for application fee waivers when applying to universities abroad, various factors and criteria come into play. A common pathways to check eligibility involves demonstrating financial need, often determined through the completion of financial aid applications like FAFSA. Other methods include participation in specific programs that promote college readiness or diversity or taking standardized tests, which may lead to fee waivers based on scores or test registration benefits. Additionally, some universities offer merit-based waivers to applicants with outstanding academic records or notable achievements. 

It's crucial to research the specific fee waiver policies and eligibility criteria of the institutions you intend to apply to, as they can vary significantly. In many cases, reaching out to admissions offices for inquiries and providing any necessary documentation to support your eligibility will be a necessary step. Ultimately, securing application fee waivers can help ease the financial burden of applying to universities abroad and make the application process more accessible for deserving candidates.