Work experience requirements for business programs abroad differ depending on the university and program. For full-time MBA programs, having 2-5 years or more of work experience is often preferred as it enables students to contribute meaningfully to practical business applications in the curriculum. This requirement is common across U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia etc. Executive MBA programs, designed for mid-career professionals, typically mandate 5-10 years of work experience to enhance leadership and management skills. 

However, specialized master's programs in fields like finance, marketing, or supply chain management may accept recent graduates without extensive work experience, providing an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge early in their careers.  

Prospective applicants should thoroughly research the admission criteria of each business program they are interested in, as some universities may have exceptions or alternative pathways for candidates without significant work experience. While work experience can strengthen an application, exceptional academic performance, relevant internships, or notable achievements may also be considered. If work experience is required, gaining relevant experience before applying is advisable to improve chances of acceptance.