Different institutions might have specific requirements for the format, delivery method, and authentication of transcripts. Before sending your transcripts, make sure to carefully read the application instructions provided by the university. Always plan ahead and send your transcripts well in advance of application deadlines to ensure they reach the university in a timely manner. 

There are several methods you can use to send your academic transcripts to universities abroad: 

  • Online Application Portal: Many universities have online application portals where you can upload scanned copies of your transcripts directly. This is often the easiest and most convenient method. 
  • Electronic Transcript Services: Some institutions use electronic transcript services, which allow your university/college/school to send your transcripts electronically to the receiving institution. 
  • Courier Services: You can use international courier services like FedEx, DHL, or UPS to send physical copies of your transcripts. This method is more secure and faster, but it can be more expensive. 
  • Regular Mail: You can send your transcripts through regular mail, though this method can be slower and less secure compared to courier services. 
  • Email: In some cases, universities might accept scanned copies of transcripts sent via email, but they often require official copies to be sent as well. 
  • Credential Evaluation Services: If the educational system in your country is significantly different from the one in the destination country, some universities might require you to use a credential evaluation service like WES (World Education Services) to verify the authenticity and equivalency of your transcripts. 
  • In-Person Delivery: If you're visiting the university's campus or if the university has representatives in your country, you might be able to deliver your transcripts in person. 
  • Educational Consultants: Consultants or agencies also help facilitate the transcript submission process. At Yocket, Premium students are assisted end to end in the process of application(s) submission by our skilled team of experts.