WES evaluation is a process conducted by an organization called World Education Services to assess and validate foreign educational credentials, such as degrees, diplomas, and transcripts. This evaluation is often required when individuals with international educational backgrounds apply for education or employment opportunities in countries other than the one where their credentials were obtained. 

The purpose of a WES evaluation is to provide a standardized and recognized assessment of the equivalency of your foreign educational qualifications to the education system of the country where you plan to use them. This helps universities understand the value and comparability of your international education in the context of the local education system. WES evaluations involve a thorough review of your academic documents, including transcripts, degree certificates, and any other relevant documents. Based on this review, WES provides a report that typically includes information about your educational credentials, the institution where you studied, the level of your degree, and the equivalent education level in the local system. This evaluation report can then be submitted along with your applications to respective institutions. 

WES is just one of several credential evaluation services available,. Thus, the specific service you need might depend on the country you're applying to and the requirements of the institutions you're dealing with.